Republican Bizarro World

There is no longer any doubt but that Democrats and their left wing females seek to destroy the right of women to work for 77 cents for the same wok that for which men receive a dollar bill. Lefties want to deny females the right that God has given them to receive less money and thus ensure their husband or sweet heart can make more money and thus be able to afford to provide for her care. Rep. Lynn Jenkins from the state of Kansas wants she “strongly supports equal pay for women” and since women right now have achieved this goal, Ms. Jenkins wants Democrats to know that women do NOT need the government to decide they have the right to equal pay for equal work. If they have it, why must another law be passed to enable them to get what they have\?

Good question. Latest figures indicate women receive less money than men for the same work. As Senator Mitch McConnell points out, the idea that women receive less is simply another of those lefty “Bizarre obsessions.” He wants to know why Democrats oppose job creation. For example:

1. If all taxation was removed for those earning a million or more dollars, these wealthy folk would purchase more yachts and thus provide work for the unemployed.

2. Few dollars going to Uncle Sam in taxes for the wealthy means more dollars going for nanny jobs,for those in the diamond industry and I could go on and on.