Republican Blasts Republicans

Bob Dole served in Congress for many years and ran for president as the Republican candidate in 1996 so he does have the credentials to speak for  members of his party. At this point in time, he even doubts whether this collection of “Republicans” would have nominated him as their candidate. He noted with irony how Republicans invoke the name  of Ronald Reagan as their hero of the past. “Reagan couldn’t have made it. Certainly Nixon couldn’t have made it because he had ideas. We might have made it, but I doubt it.” He refers to the fact that Nixon supported health care, he supported Affirmative Action, heck, he even supported a national minimum wage to avoid poverty.

Dole made excellent points about President Obama. “I think as president he lacks communication skills with his own party, let alone the Republican party.” Right on! He even  has failed to emphasize to the American people that the head of the IRS was appointed by George Bush!

In closing, Dole  said: “They ought to get a sign on the Republican National Committee that says, ‘closed for repairs.”