Republican Candidates Have Devil Of Time

Republican candidates for the presidential nomination have shifted from attacking President Obama to attacking one another. After Reverent Robert Jeffress denounced Mitt Romney for belonging to a the cult known as the Mormon religion which is claimed not to be of the Christian faith, Governor Rick Perry could only respond with, “I’m not going to say he can’t say what he wants to say.” Profound words from a profound man.

Herman Cain is proposing a 9-9-9 nutty economic plan which Michele Bachmann notes emerges as a 6-6-6 plan when the nines are turned upside down. Does she mean the Pizza  man is really a front man for the Devil himself? Mitt Romney raised about $14 million the past three months and is spending the money as soon as it enters his coffers in order to prove he is more conservative than any other Republican.

Sarah Palin wanders the land in a bus making money while Newt Gingrich gets fatter with each fat headed remark made. Ron Paul has his eye lashes fall down and Rick Santorum allows gay soldiers to be booed. There is no doubt this group of candidates for the presidency could readily prove the theory of evolution is truly incorrect. From Washington to Lincoln to Cain and the group of crazy idea people must prove something!