Republican Causes And Solutions

It is clear the liberal media has been on a concerted campaign to confuse Americans as to what caused the economic decline over the past few years. If one listens to people like Barack Obama or economist Paul Krugman the cause of high debts and loss of jobs is not that of American industrial and banking leaders. Let’s face it, the basic cause of our economic problems lies with welfare queens and kings who obtain welfare checks without doing a single day of hard work. Another basic cause of economic decline lies with those on Medicare who believe they are entitled to secure lavish retirement allowances whose cost comes from hard working God fearing Americans on Wall Street. It is refreshing that Republicans are finally calling attention to the untold millions of dollars allocated to Planned Parenthood as part of liberal attempts to destroy Christianity and foster the Muslim religion. Planned Parenthood persuades Christian girls not to have babies in order to allow Muslim girls to have babies. If this continues, there is no doubt within the coming decades there will be more Muslims in America than Christians. This is part of the “Kill Christ program” of the Liberal Democratic party.

There is another facet to the Planned Parenthood plan. If there are fewer babies, there are fewer consumers to purchase goods which means it will lead to a decline in our economy. God Bless the Republican party for halting this liberal Muslim plan to destroy the economic prosperity of the United States. Look at it this way, if we do not provide food and shelter to people in America who have lost jobs, it will lead to higher deaths among those who do not contribute to our economic success.

Starve a poor person, not only for American economic recovery, but in order to end the growing power of Muslims!