Republican Circus In Town

Let me attempt to explain for the confused reader what is happening in the Republican quest to identify someone-actually, anyone–who would be the party’s nominee for president:

Mitt and Rick and Rick and Herman and Michele and Ron  are battering away at Newt.

Way back in September, Rick and Rick and Mitt and Newt and Herman and Ron were pounding away at Michele.

Of course, last week Rick and Rick and Michele and Herman and Herman and Newt and Ron were pounding away at Mitt.

Then again, last month, Rick S, and Mitt, and Newt, and Herman, and Ron and Michele were pounding away at Rick P.

If Ron wins the Iowa primary then Rick and Rick and Newt and Mitt and Herman and Michele will be pounding away at Ron.

Of course, if Sarah throws her name into the ring then Michele and Rick and Rick and Herman and Ron and Mitt will blast away at her.

I hear rumors that Rudy will once again try his hand at becoming president which would lead Rick and Rick and Ron and Herman and New and Mitt and Michele to attack him.

The good news is all these people have God on their side. The bad news is that God can’t tell them apart.

By the way, who is the guy these people actually want to beat?