Republican Circus Is In Town

A miracle in the United States of America would be  having an entire day go by without some form of nuttiness on the part of  Republicans seeking the presidential nomination. Rick can’t remember how many justices are on the Supreme Court, Michele is going to nuke Iran, and now Mitt and Ron are bombing Newt. Mitt and Ron blasted Newt for opposing the medical care program of Rep. Paul Ryan by terming it, “right wing social engineering.” And, then both went after the work of Newt in providing historical information to business organizations.

Mitt demanded that Newt return the $1.6 or $1.8 million received from Freddie Mac and he noted in the first debate, Newt said it was only, $300,000. I don’t know why they are arguing about a million here or there. Ron decided to have fun with Mitt by showing a video of the former Republican Speaker of the House proclaiming: “If you’ve been Speaker of the House, you’re always an insider.”

I await entry of the clowns to this party of who is the biggest hypocrite in town. On the other hand, at least clowns KNOW they are clowns!