Republican Coward Blasts American Hero!

There are times when one can only wonder to what extent will Republicans go in order to win an election. Congressman Joe Walsh certainly has hit a new low by blasting his Democratic opponent Tammy Duckworth for not being a “true hero” like the coward from Illinois. Joe is upset because Ms. Duckworth who lost both legs in Iraq, continues to talk about Iraq and the disaster it caused for Americans. According to Joe, “Our true heroes, the men and women who served us,the last thing in the world they talk about.”

This Tammy person won’t shut up about serving her nation. In 2004, Republicans defeated an American US Senator who lost both arms in Vietnam since they denounced him as friendly to al-Qaeda. Who are these Republicans? One thing for certain, Joe Walsh never served his nation. He is a blatant COWARD!

Then again former Vice President Dick Cheney received six draft deferments during the Vietnam  war because, as he put it, “I had more important things to do.”