Republican Craps On Morality

The Republican party portrays itself as the party defending morality and adherence to traditional Christianity. They insist Liberals are the ones who seek destroying our family life, allowing drugs and alcohol to be used by those on welfare because the famous 47% lack basic Christian values. Senator Crapo of Idaho, a stalwart Christian, a defender of traditional morality, an opponent of loose morals, was caught dead drunk while driving  a car. He has promised his constituents to cease his drunk driving and return to the fold of decency.

Sarah Palin is never ceasing in her condemnation of loose morals and same sex destruction of traditional family even while her own daughter has a child while out-of-wedlock, then married and divorced her husband. Make a list of Republicans and one has a list of broken marriages, drunk behavior and use of drugs. Actually, the difference between a Republican and Democrat is one is open about moral behavior, the other says one thing and does the other!