Republican Crazies Compare Nazis To Obama

Republican crazies have been out in force throughout the nation in order to create anger, fear, and hate which are the three horsemen of right used by the right in their battle against health reform. Many Jews in Israel and the United States are furious at the use of Nazi imagery to portray the Obama health plan as something akin to the death camps of World War II. Town Hall meetings have witnessed right wing kooks using swastikas and other Nazi associations in order to prove if America has a health plan to assist those without health it is merely the first step on the road to Auschwitz.

David Harris, head of the National Jewish Democratic Council, blasted Rush Limbaugh’s tactics of likening health care to Nazism. “Limbaugh’s horrifying use of Hitler references and swastikas is deeply offensive and wildly inappropriate, and it has to stop now.” Abe Foxman of the Anti-Defamation League stated bluntly “the use of Nazi symbolism is outrageous.”

I do not understand the attitude of Democratic leaders who are attacking Rush Limbaugh and those seeking to end the Nazi style Obama health plan. Everyone knows that prisoners in death camps had available an Obama style health plan and that is the reason so many died in the camps. Once doctors provide affordable health care to people it is the first step on the road to crematoriums.