Republican Death Wish

Jesus Christ rose once from the dead, Newt Gingrich has proved that Jesus is no match for a man who can rise at least three times from the dead. Jesus Christ preached concern for poor people, Newt preaches concern for Newt Gingrich and if supporting higher taxes on the wealthy will assure him of a nomination, then Newt is a devout believer in such ideas. He is a man for all seasons and his mind will accept any idea or philosophy that winds up getting him elected.

A week ago, Newt was ten points behind the Mitt man, but once ballots were counted in South Carolina he won by 40% to 27% over his nearest rival. The boys of January are now off to the sunny clime of Florida and who knows what will happen.

There is scant doubt Mitt Romney will continue the quest for office, he has been pursuing this dream for over ten years and we can expect his candidacy in 2016. Mitt never realized to waffle is to be burnt to a crisp by those who vote. He never took a risk and never provided evidence that he believed in SOMETHING.