Republican Denounces Obama Golf Scores!

The president of the United States has spent the past month in seemingly endless meetings with Republican leaders in an effort to resolve the debt ceiling crisis, but to some idiot columnist in the New York Daily News, the real news is how many golf games have been played by the leader of our nation. According to Ms. Tantaros, a nincompoop who poses as a writer, George Bush only played golf about 24 times while the current president played 74 times. According to Ms. Tantalizer, this indicates his mind is on golf rather than on issues confronting the nation. I await other criticisms of Barack Obama:

1. Reliable sources report he pees twice as much per day as did George Bush.

2. The amount of shit from Barack Obama far exceeds the shit count of the former president.

3. Of course, when one deals with shit coming from the mouth, George Bush winds in a shitslide.

4. Ms. Tanatalizer has counted the number of steps taken by the president and has concluded he walks more than did George Bush!

5. Barack Obama drinks wine, George Bush does not drink wine. Add up the gallons of wine and you conclude that America today is led by a drunkard, unlike the former resident who drank up enough as a youth to last a life time.

6. Now as for the sex count……….