Republican Elephants On Rampage!

A story from India has great relevance to the United States and the behavior of the Republican party. Four elephants wandered out of a forest, approached a farm, and encountered frightened people. Two fled back to the safety of a forest, one became trapped on the farm and one dashed for a nearby city and went on a rampage. He barelled though the streets knocking over cars and stands until he dashed down an alley, confronted a frightened man who was then gored to death. Finally, police fired a tranquilizer to calm the elephant. The incident reminded me of Republican party behavior since arriving from the forest of defeat. LIke the elephants, the Republican elephants are frightened and lost in the reality of modern life. Most seek to return to the safety and serenity of a quiet forest which has not been touched by modern life.

Wild statements about cutting taxes in order to reduce the deficit or giving wealthy people more money so they will use it to create jobs lack any semblance to economic reality. In their mad dash to level every structure in place to assist poor people or those unemployed, Republicans not only gore to death effective means to assisting those in need, they undo the work of half a century and the result is people are being gored to death.

It is unfortunate that Republicans do not live up to an elephant’s remarkable memory capacity. Let Republicans proceed and the Recession will shortly become DEPRESSION II.