The Internet’s hot ticket these days revolves around two important issues — is Michael Jackson really dead and is Barack Obama really an American citizen. These topics illustrate the state of the Republican party. In the midst of a health care crisis, economic dislocation, and need to create jobs the only jobs being created by Republicans is for detectives rambling around Hawaii in search of a birth certificate or waiting for a midnight visit to a graveyard. The other day a CNN reporter presented concrete evidence that Barack Obama was born in Hawaii but the following day, CNN reporter? Lou Dobbs wondered if we could finally get at the truth concerning the birth of Obama.

Perhaps, it is my left wing bias, but I will assume Barack Obama is an American just as I will assume George Bush has a hotline to God. What has happened to the party of Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, Wendell Wilkie, Robert Taft, Dwight Eisenhower, and– believe it or not, Richard Nixon! Let’s examine Republican beliefs.

1. Republicans argue national health care is a “socialist idea.” But, national health insurance is found all over the world both in capitalist, semi-capitalist, and socialist societies.
2. Republicans argue Social Security is “socialist.” But, social security initially was developed by Otto von Bismarck, an arch conservative leader in Germany as a means to FIGHT SOCIALISM!
3. Republicans argue national health insurance will result in bureaucrats making medical decisions. Huh! At present, health insurance bureaucrats make medical decisions every day in every way.
4. Republicans argue Barack Obama has created massive federal deficits. In 2000, George Bush inherited a balanced budget from Bill Clinton and the national debt was $5 trillion and under Clinton the process of paying it off had begun. When Bush left office eight years later, the annual budget ran a deficit of close to a trillion and the national debt was $10 trillion.

The tragedy is lack of any desire on the part of Republicans to work in a cooperative fashion with Democrats to create a new health insurance scheme that incorporates both free enterprise and a national health insurance plan.

The best explanation for what has happened to the Republican party is that it is now clear the ideas of Charles Darwin are incorrect. How can anyone argue there has been human evolution when the first Republican president was Abraham Lincoln and the current favorite of Republicans is Sarah Palin?