Republican Follies Go On And On!

Future political  scientists will have a wonderful time writing books and articles about the vaudeville show that has been touring America for the past year. It originally featured Michele, Tim, Rick, Rick, Herman, Newt, Mitt, and grandfathr Ron.  Today, alas, we are left with Rick, Neswt, Mitt and grand dad Ron. Mitt appeared to be in the lead for securing the presidential nomination, but  first Newt got in his  way, and last night, Rick had a hat trick with three  victories.

Evangelicals and Conservatives manned the barriers and halted the Mitt procession on grounds the millionaire was simply a LIBERAL dressed in Conservative clothes. Rick yelled with boyish enthusiasm, ‘I don’t stand here as the Conservative alternative to Mitt Romney, I stand here to be the conservative alternative to Barack Obama.”

Perhaps, the highlight of the evening was watching Mitt use a teleprompter in order to inform his supporters that  Rick had won.