Republican Follies I

There are times during the past several months when one wonders if a secret Democrat plant in the GOP has been master minding the incredible display of ignorance that characterizes those seeking the Republican nomination for president of the United States. Michele Bachmann blunders on the American Revolution, Sarah Palin has absolutely no idea about anything related to foreign policy and Herman Cain was clueless in Gaza questions.

Ah, but we forgot Rick Perry, the he-man from Texas. He is against big government, but it doesn’t prevent the state of Texas from taking $2 billion in stimulus money. There he was on the stage declaring and declaiming his goals. “I would do  away with the Education, the Commerce, and-let’s see– I can’t the third one. I can’t sorry. Oops.” He later checked with staff and realized he was for doing away with the Energy Department.

President Perry in action. Missiles in Venezuela. Action required. “We have to do away with those missiles, let’s see, was it Venezuela or Cuba or Brazil? Gee, I don’t remember, just blow up all three countries.”