Republican Follies II

It increasingly becomes apparent that the Republican party is engaged in an Affirmative Action program which highlights giving black skin folk a chance to become president of this country. Herman, the He-man, can not get through a day without defending himself against allegations of sexual misconduct. He was asked  about taking a lie detector exam and proudly said: “Yes,” but then added, “if someone could give me a good reason to take one!” This is a man who claims lack of knowledge concerning sexual harassment in his organization which paid women who made such charges.

Ah, but how do Republicans react to a man who had no idea concerning what Palestinians meant by, “right of return?” Latest poll results:

Cain leads in Florida, in Ohio, and is tied in Pennsylvania. Flash! New report from Pennsylvania! Joe Paterno has been asked to submit his name for the presidential nomination of the  Republican party in his state!

As one GOP analyst described the Cain staff: “No staff would be better than their staff.”