Republican Foreign Policy???

Mitt Romney is heading off to Europe and the Middle East in order to find out exactly where those nations are located. We can assume that at some point in time, the Republican candidate will actually formulate a foreign policy. According  to his spokesman, Ron Williams, President Obama “is weakening our military with devastating defense cuts and has diminished our moral authority”in the world. I am a bit confused:

1. Mitt wants the US to “take action”against Iran. Exactly which action does he desire?

2.  Mitt wants the US to take a stronger stand against Syria. Exactly, what does he want done that has not already been done?

3. Ron Paul wants the US to quit getting involved in Syria and Iran.

4.  Many Tea Party folk want cuts in the Defense budget.

5.  Mitt believes Russia is the greatest threat to the United States. It would help if Mitt explained how Russia is a threat and what does he want done with Russia?

We can sum up the foreign policy of Mitt Romney in one sentence.  “I am against anything that Barack Obama is doing or is for.”