Republican Gay About Being Gay

I am currently an inhabitant of the state of Missouri which currently has a state legislature that is controlled by members of the Neanderthal branch of the Republican party. I was shocked to learn there is an intelligent and sensitive member of the Missouri Republican party in our state legislature. Rep. Zachary Wyatt, 27 and a former member of the Armed Forces told fellow members that he was a gay man, and he was not referring to laughter.

“I will not lie to myself anymore about my own sexuality. I am still the same person that I was when I woke up this morning and I will be the same person when I got to bed tonight. Today, I ask you to stand with me as a proud Republican man whom wants to protect all kids by addressing bullying in our schools.”

Rep. Wyatt opposes attempts by the Neanderthals in the legislature who want to ban any discussion or curriculum materials that discuss issues of sexual orientation. Sorry, Zach, your buddies are bullies so why should they seek to end bullying? You can expect opposition to your next run for election by a man who will proudly state that you are a traitor or a Socialist and probably, were not even born in Missouri.

Zach, you can not change the bullies and perverts in the Republican party who fear any intelligent discussion of any problem.