Republican Hate And Civility

A hundred fifty years ago dedicated men and women who were concerned about the moral health of American society formed the Republican Party in order to halt the expansion of slavery. Their actions aroused such intense hatred in the South that a prominent Republican senator was clubbed by a Southern senator while seated at the Senate. Yesterday, another southern congressman, Joe Wilson of South Carolina, proved that when it comes to hate and disrespect for American traditions, the Republican Party will seek to be number one in boorish remarks. As the president of the United States spoke, Joe Wilson shouted out, “you lie” to a shocked audience of fellow congressmen. Republican leader John McCain expressed his shock that anyone would behave in such a disrespectful manner when the president was speaking as a guest of Congress.

I am certain Rush and Glenn Beck and Bill O’Reilly will hail the South Carolina mouth that roared hate as a great American who is willing to tell the truth. The only truth emerging from his outburst is the extent to which the great Republican party has sunk when its members dwell in the sewers of garbage and hatred.

The essence of the American political tradition is respect for other parties even when you are furious at their actions. The essence of the American political tradition is when the president speaks to Congress he is offered respect as due to the office of the president.

Senator McCain, you selected a hating loudmouth as your running mate, you help unleash the fury of the ignorant, why are you surprised when what you help create displays their true selves!

  • An Average Dave

    Have you no memory? Have you forgotten all the insults bestowed upon President Bush? The booing during his speeches to congress and the name calling on a daily basis by the democratic leadership? Talk about how low the republicans will stoop? I’m afraid they have a long way to go to reach the lows previously explored by people like Harry Reid. At least Wilson had the class to apologize immediatly. Wilson had one thing on his side. Obama did lie!
    I’d also like to ask why you are so afraid of Sarah? My guess is she’s not afraid to tell the truth and call things the way they really are.

  • Fred Stopsky

    As I recall, the overwhelming majority of Congressional Democrats supported the Bush invasion of Iraq and it now clear he lied about the reasons for going to war. the overwhelming majority of Democrats supported the invasion of Afghanistan-bush also lied in 2004 when he claimed the US had trained an army of over 100,000 Afghan soldiers. Compare that record to the sick Congressional Republicans.