Republican Hysteria Over Muslims Lives On

Republican Representative Sue Myrick sent a letter to President Obama urging him to call a special meeting to discuss what she terms American export of terrorism to other parts of the world. She blasted American complacency toward dealing with home grown terrorists and noted it was “far behind Europe in having measures in place to deal with the growing radicalization of young men and their willingness to carry out threats.” She complained for years America has refused to look within and only thought terrorists existed far away. “We believed American Muslims were immune to radicalization because unlike European counterparts, they are socially and economically well-integrated into society.” She went on to charge: “there have been warnings that these assumptions were false, but we paid them no mind. Today, there is no doubt that radicalization is taking place inside America.”

Actually, Sue Myrick is right. Radicalization is taking place in America and it will result in the loss of thousands of American lives. However, the radicals are not American Muslims, they are members of the Republican Party and their Tea Party buddies. They want to cut health care for American children, they want to deprive families of unemployment benefits. The growing obesity in this nation is a far more important threat to human life than the small number of men accused of being terrorists. If Ms. Myrick was concerned about terror, she should challenge members of the Republican Party to meet economic needs of society and prevent early deaths.

Sorry, Ms. Myrick, fewer than a hundred Muslims out of about five million have even been accused of a crime. The vast majority of American Muslims ARE integrated in society.

Oh, I am confused. I thought President Obama was a friend of terrorism. Why are you asking him to help?