Republican Ideology

If one is a member of the Republican Party, one must adhere to certain ideological concepts:

1. More money in the hands of wealthy leads these noble beings to rush out and create new jobs for the unemployed. Yes, that is why they keep the $2 Trillion in corporate bank accounts sitting gathering interest.

2. Money trickles down from those on top to those seeking any kind of trickle.

3. Taxes rob people of their money. That’s why Republican Congressmen use government invented Internet, drive on government built highways and take advantage of government health insurance for those in federal employment.

4. Unemployed people are lazy. Of course, unemployed congressmen get jobs from lobbyists so they will not be unemployed for long.

5. Abortion is evil. Gee, has any Republican male who jerked off felt evil?

6. If elderly people were truly patriotic they would commit suicide at age 66 and save social security.

7. Republicans never met a Republican debt they did not like nor a Democratic debt they did not hate.

8. Republicans believe a baby in womb must be protected, one that leaves the womb is on his/her own.

  • American People

    I’ve never seen it put quite so ignorantly, all in one place. This is just a Progressive Liberalism smorgasbord of socialist stupidity. No wonder you call yourself impudent. I couldn’t agree more. Keep up the propagandist work. It seems to be working on the foolish.

  • Fred Stopsky

    Sir, if ignorance was a virtue Republican candidates for president would all be saints in heaven. Yes, I believe in progressive liberalism unlike Republicans who believe God created the Wealthy so they could rule and ensure we got rid of the middle class.