Republican Leader Demands Afghan Decision– Now!

House GOP leader, John Boehner told President Obama “the longer this decision hangs, the more jeopardy and the more danger to our troops on the ground…. I would hope the president would make a decision and make it soon.” It is fascinating the Republicans are once again posing as military experts and insisting decisions must happen immediately. In 2003, then president George Bush warned that unless American forces invaded immediately the infamous WMD must be fired and create chaos. Instead of preparing both a short and long term strategy the ill fated invasion occurred. Fast forward to 2009 and once again Republicans who claim to be concerned about the safety of American forces want 40,000 or 80,000 or whatever number of troops to be sent to Afghanistan without a long term plan.

General McChyrstal insists he requires up to 80,000 more troops but there is not the slightest evidence that number is THE number of troops required. No campaign in Afghanistan can succeed unless there is present an effective government, an end to corruption, and a plan to retrain an Afghan army. If those factors are not, present another 100,000 more American troops will not be able to secure peace.