Republican Math Doesn’t Add Up

I watch Fox News, I read entries on my blog from Republicans, I read aol. and I wonder what will eventually convince members of the Republican party that math we learned by the fifth grade actually was correct. Republicans continue to insist that (a) cutting taxes-less money coming in, (b) spending more on military–more money going out=more money left to pay down debts. They continue believing that cutting taxes on “job creators”–those with millions– results in more jobs.

We  currently have the lowest tax rates in 70 years which means that millions of jobs were created each decade when taxes were higher than today. BUT, to members of the Republican party facts don’t mean anything. They believe if one believes that will triumph over reality. The entire Romney campaign was based on that principle–we are going to win, the American people support anti-women candidates, they support anti-gay candidates and they go to bed each night worrying about the economic condition of Donald Trump.

Guys, the days of white Protestants running this nation are over. Welcome to the 21st century when there are 20 women in the US Senate!!