Republican Moral Leader Admits Being Immoral!

Republican Senator John Ensign of Nevada admitted that he had been involved in an affair for several months with a member of his staff whose husband also works for the senator. Ensign belongs to Promise Keepers, a Christian Ministry group whose motto undoubtedly is that Democrats must keep promises, but since Republicans, by definition, are moral, there is no need to worry about who they screw in the pursuit of emphasizing the moral foundations of the Republican party. Rush Limbaugh, Lou Dobbs, and Ann Coulter so enjoyed having a field day with the antics of the immoral Bill Clinton whose sexual escapades they insisted required impeachment. Clinton only obtained blow jobs but Ensign apparently got the entire package. We assume the forces of morality in the Republican party will now demand the resignation of Senator Ensign.

Sex is simply a human act and what constitutes moral behavior is a decision by two individuals and has nothing to do with the American people. Ensign claims, “it is the worst thing I have ever done in my life.” I doubt it. Examine this man’s voting record and you will discover he opposed extending health benefits for children and has preached against the morality of people on welfare rolls. Senator, God frankly doesn’t give a darn about who you screw sexually, but he sure does care when you screw poor children!

  • max smart

    I dont care who has sex with who but I do care that in order to make a point you had to bring children somehow into the discussion.


    Couldnt make a logical point so had to go for the emotional?

    Love the exclamation point at the end. As if that made your position somehow more intelligent.

  • Fred Stopsky

    If an individual proclaims he is a “moral individual” then how he votes on programs dealing with rights of people certainly reflect the accuracy of his claims.