Republican Party Insults 9/11 Heroes!

Behavior of the Republican party during the past several years raises questions as to their desire to be members of American society. During the horrible days of 9/11 when buildings collapsed and heroic men and women rushed to save lives, no one was concerned if a bystander who hurried to help the wounded was an illegal immigrant or simply another native born New Yorker. There are even reports of tourists who joined in efforts to assist those who had been injured. But, to Republicans, their only concern in life these days revolves around what an illegal immigrant receives or does not receive. Republican congressmen held up passage of a bill that provided medical care for those who were injured in rescue efforts during the trauma of the attack. They wanted to make certain no money went to any illegal immigrant!

We have come a long way from the days of Theodore Roosevelt and Dwight Eisenhower and the host of great Republican senators and congressmen who fought for civil rights. The party of Lincoln has become the refuge of demagogues and those who hate.