“Republican Party Left Me”

Former Republican Governor of New Mexico, Gary Johnson is dropping out of the race to get his party’s nomination for president. He claims the Republican party left me by the wayside.” Gary intends to seek the nomination of the Libertarian party. Frankly, I did not know Mr. Johnson wanted the nomination of the Republican party, but, hopefully he finds a new home. Given his desire to seek a new party, we thought it might help other such individuals if we offered suggestions.

Herman Cain might seek the nomination of the Con Men Party which also goes by the name of Hustlers For Greed.

Rick Santorum might give a gander at the Lonely Hearts Party which seeks to find a companion for someone who is all alone in this world.

I hear the Idiots Delight Party will urge Rick Perry to be its candidate.

Hopefully, Michele Bachmann will gain a unanimous endorsement of the Anti-Knowledge party.

Of course, there is always Santa Claus bringing presents and who knows what will be under the table for Newt Gingrich– a new wife or mistress?