Republican Party Sinks To New Low Level!

The bill which would pay medical costs for those who rushed to the World Trade center on 9/11 has been halted due to efforts of Republican congressmen to play politics with the lives of those who gave their all in a valiant effort at rescue. Republicans wish to amend the bill in order to forbid payment to illegal immigrants. Schmucks, people from every background on that day ran to the World Trade Center to help, no one gave a damn if they were legal or illegal immigrants. Are we to assume, if an illegal immigrant went into the burning buildings and helped save the lives of those trapped, he should not receive payment for medical expenses? On which planet do these vermin who call themselves, Republicans, live? Are they able to make a decision based on right or wrong, or does everything get evaluated on whether they can get more votes?

In 1964, Republican Congressman, Charles Halleck, a well known conservative, was asked by President Johnson to support the proposed Civil Rights bill. Halleck told the president how angry he was when driving in the South and realizing his Negro driver could not use a restroom. He told Johnson, that sometimes in life one must do what is right, not what will get you more votes. He supported the bill. We have come a long way from decent people like Charles Halleck to Newt Gringrich.