Republican Plan In 2009-GRIDLOCK!

It is not surprising to learn from a new book written by Robert Draper that Republican leaders from day one of the Obama administration planned to oppose any idea proposed by the president in order to make him come across as being unable to govern. As we all know, Barack Obama was naive enough to believe Republicans wanted to work with Democrats in solving America’s economic problems. In Draper’s  “Do Not Ask What Good We Do: Inside the US House of Representatives, he pinpoints a meeting held on January 20, 2009 where Republicans planned to obstruct and refuse to compromise.

The meeting took place at an upscale Washington restaurant, the Caucus Room, and was attended by such people as Eric Cantor, Paul Ryan, Keven McCarthy, Senators Jim DeMint, Tom Coburn and John Ensign. Good old Newt Gingrich and strategist Steve Lutz laid out the agenda of obstruction. As one person commented, “we’ve gotta challenge them on every single bill, and challenge them on every single campaign.” They decided to unleash a negative ad campaign against Democrats.

And Mitt Romney  blames Barack Obama for the current hostile environment in Washington D.C.!!