Republican Presidential Circus In Town

The circus has arrived in town and the clowns are clustering to gain attention. This is not to say that all men and women seeking the Republican nomination for president belong in the clown section of the circus, after all, many could make a wonderful barker out front spouting lies to suck the suckers inside. In the spirit of modernity, there are females clowns, male clowns, western clowns and northeast clowns and on the outside even a few southern clowns. A brief rundown of the dominant ones:

1. Newt Gingrich is now on his second wife having dumped the first one while she was in a hospital bed. He claims to have read history books, and even written a few. Newt is what we term, a “pretend intellectual” who does his darn best to come across as one of the boys when traveling the country.

2. Rick Santorum could not even get elected senator from Pennsylvania which leaves him way back at the starting point in the presidential race.

3. Sarah Palin is alive and well. Unfortunately, the wrinkles are beginning to cover her face, but her mouth will never cease spouting nonsense. If she kept her mouth shut it might increase her chances to get the nomination.

4. MIke Huckabee used to be a relaxed wit and now he has become a half wit. One more story about Obama being raised in Kenya will lead to an Academy Award for spouting the most nonsense within a one week period of any candidate.

5. Michele Bachmann is a one of her kind. Ignorant, stupid, self righteous and without a clue regarding government, foreign policy or any aspect of modern life. But, she definitely leads the pack in the race of nincompoops.

6. Tim Pawtley comes from Minnesota so he can’t be all bad. Beyond coming from Minnesota it is difficult identifying anything else to say about him.

7. Mitt Romney is the author of the Massachusetts health care plan which resembles the Obama health care plan so he emphasizes his opposition to any law he sponsored in Massachusetts. He definitely supports laws that he has never sponsored.