Republican Valley Of Ignorance

A few hours attending a Republican debate is sufficient to prove, without a shadow of doubt, that Republicans can best serve the interests of the United States if they simply would dissolve their party. When asked about waterboarding, Herman Cain pontificated; “I trust the judgment of our military to define what is torture and what is not torture…I don’t see it as torture, I see it as enhanced interrogation technique.” Rick Perry, who has never been to war, proclaimed “this is war. I will defend them(torture techniques) until I die.” The only thing that will lead this man to die is his incredible ability to shoot off his mouth once too often

In fairness, Ron Paul and John Huntsman expressed some reasonable ideas. As Huntsman put it, “our standing in the world and the values we project which include liberty, democracy, human rights and an open market” mean we do not torture. Now you know why he only attracts one percent of Republicans.

Mitt, who never served his country, blasted Barack Obama for failure to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons. Newt mumbled something about things that could have been done to prevent it, but never explained what those things were. The idiot  brigade called for military attacks on Iran.

I wonder where this collection of fools will be when Iran and Hezbollah send thousands of missiles into Israel.