Republican View-Attack, Attack, Attack!

The mantra of the Republican party is –attack, attack, attack. Most football teams when its fourth down and they have 30 yards to go for a first will punt, but Republican quarterbacks will spend their time complaining to the linesmen that the opposing team is unfair. Two weeks ago, Michele Bachmann told the media that President Obama was creating an issue about the debt ceiling and nothing dramatic would occur if Congress refused to raise it. That was two weeks ago.

Yesterday, Michele Bachmann discovered the answer to the problem of debt ceilings–Barack Obama. “After a weekend of hiding out at Camp David, pretending that the Standard & Poor’s ratings  do not matter and hoping the markets would notice, the President discovered he was wrong.!” Huh? Bachmann was the one who said Standard and Poor’s didn’t matter!

Congressman Eric Cantor continued on his theme that Barack Obama was “anti-business, hyper regulatory and pro-tax.” Huh? Wall Street awarded themselves $140 Billion in bonus payments last Christmas. It was LACK of regulation that helped cause the current economic situation.

Reality. The Republican party simply has no connection to reality.