Republican VP Candidates

In a spirit of bipartisan concern for the United States of America we kindly offer Mitt Romney some suggestions as to whom he could select to run with him.

1. Joe the plumber became famous in 2008 and as far as we know, Joe is still a plumber and still a Republican. Imagine a ticket containing a plumber and a multi-millionaire.

2.  Sarah Palin made John McCain famous and why can’t she make Mitt Romney famous for selecting the idiot woman from Alaska?

3. Mitt just  bombed out in his European tour. How about Michele Bachmann? Having her as the VP guarantees when Mitt goes overseas he is welcomed for his brilliance on foreign policy– contrast his remarks with those of Michele!

4. Jose Bamba works in a local McDonald’s. How about a ticket of Mitt and Jose? Hispanics will flock to a fellow Hispanic.

5.  Donald Trump is waiting in the wings ready to be your VP. He has experience in firing people. Give Donald a few months and he will fire Mitt.

6. Of course, since we all know that Barack Obama did not kill the real Osama bin Laden, how about asking Osama to be your VP? Just think about it: Mitt and Osama versus Obama and Joe!