Republican Vs Republican

Another day in America, another day in which Republicans vie with one another as to who is more “American,” who is more for the “Constitution” and who, above all, will more readily suck the dick of either one of the Koch brothers. Of course, as an alternative, there is always Sheldon Adelson, the worse “friend” Israel ever had since it was created. Anyway, there is a primary election next week in the state of North Carolina to select the Republican candidate who will seek to become Senator this November. The Chamber of Commerce and other such solid conservative groups has identified Thom Tillis as their candidate. US Senator Rand Paul and his fellow Tea Party cohorts want Greg Brannon who is identified as a “real dragon killer.”

Once again, Republicans lack any connection to the 21st century. They continue to regard dragons as a major threat to our existence. Which is the greater problem-dragons or unemployed? There is only one answer to that query. If we can only get rid of the dragon problem, then prosperity will return to America. Of course, LIBERAL DEMOCRATS continue to support Dragons who are allied with Muslim Terrorists!

Oh, a Republican commented that Tillis is ‘so boring.” Absolutely correct, only one filled with passion to slay dragons should be elected.