Republican Wars Of Anger, Tea Anyone?

The primary season is upon us,and battles between Tea Party candidates and Republican establishment candidates are in full swing. Senator Thad Cochran has represented the state of Mississippi for over thirty years, and during that time has been a bastion for those seeking a conservative society. But, to members of the Tea Party, there is need for a “real Conservative” and thus Chris McDaniel has entered the conflict to bring true conservatism to the state of Mississippi. He gained 49.6% to the 48.9% of votes for Cochran in the primary. There will be a run off to determine who really is the conservative one in the land of Mississippi. Over in Iowa, Joni Ernst gained the support of Sarah Palin and Mitt Romney in order to gain victory for the Senatorial nomination. Joni is the only candidate running for public office who can boast of her accomplishment with hogs. “I grew up castrating hogs on an Iowa farm so when I get to Washington, I’ll know how to cut pork.”

It is reassuring knowing we finally will have a US senator who knows how to castrate hogs. After all, who would you prefer in the US Senate, someone who knows about climate change or someone who is the expert on hogs? Yes, there is a primary season. There is always a season to contemplate the future and a season to become a clown in a circus of futility.