Republicans Believe You Have Right To Bigotry!

In 1952, I helped write the Integration plan for the US Seventh Army in Germany. At that time, a high percent of soldiers were from the deep South and very prejudiced. The commanding general of the 7th Army made clear to all that they either support Integration or (a) leave the army, (b) be sent to front line combat in Korea. But, that was then, today we have the Republican party which defends the right of bigotry. The Armed Services Committe, led by Republicans, passed a proposed bill that would enshrine the righ to be a bigot.

It protects the right of Chaplains to oppose gay rights. If a Chaplain–an officer in the Armed forces–does not like homosexuals, he does nto have to participate in any programs that educate soldiers about gay rights. It also compels the Armed Forces to “accomodate the conscience and sincerely held moral principles and religious beliefs of men of the Armed Forces concerning the appropriate and inappropriate expression of human sexuallity.”

Huh? If you are in the Armed forces and are told to work with gays, you work with gays. The same holds true for those who hate blacks, Hispanics, Jews, etc.. If you are a Chaplain then you cannot refuse to assist a gay person. How can a military function if each member decides who they will work with or not work with?