Republicans Betray Petraeus And US Soldiers!!

A Stars & Stripes story from Beirut indicates there is growing anger among Muslims in the world about the vituperation and hate surrounding building of a mosque NEAR the 9/11 site. Each Muslim who becomes furious at insults to his religion and turns to radicalism adds one more insurgent that our troops have to confront in battle. Newt Gingrich and Rudy Giuliani and Fox News morons who continually declaim that Barack Obama is a secret agent of Muslim fanatics are doing their best to encourage young Muslims to join al-Qaeda and the Taliban! Professor Ahmad Mousalli, or American University in Lebanon, nortes, “many Muslims are miffed by the stateside debate, largely conducted by non-Muslims. Rejecting this(mosque) has become like rejecting Islam itself. The US has historically been distinguished by its tolerance, whereas Europe, France, Belgium and Holland have been among those who have rejected the symbolism of Islam.” The Daily Star in Bangladesh, comments that President Obama, has “placed ethics and principles ahead of politics.” Just about every Muslim nation has reported anger at the wild claims and statements emanating from supposedly responsible Republican leaders.

A constant comment one encounters is, “why should we allow a mosque to be built when Saudi Arabia does not allow churches to be built.” For the record, Saudi Arabia is the only Muslim nation which forbids construction of churches. Hysteria and hate are triumphing in America and our fighting men and women will suffer– and die==because of Fox News and vicious people like Glenn Beck.