The ides of May are upon the Republican party which for the past four months has been over awed by its success in November that led to control of the House of Representatives. A special election in the Buffalo, New York 26th Congressional District is witnessing a dramatic change in voter attitudes. The 26th district has historically been a safe Republican one for as long as anyone can remember. But, Republican candidate, Jane Corwin, who expected to simply show up and get elected, has an unfavorable rating of 52 percent while her Democratic rival Kathleen Hochul has a FAVORABLE rating of 51 percent. Tea Party candidate, Jack Davis, has an unfavorable rating of 67 percent. Latest poll figures released by the Public Policy Poll indicate:
Hochul–42 percent of vote
Corwin –36 percent of vote
Jack Davis–13 percent of vote.

Republican House leader, John Boehner came to campaign for Corwin and polls indicate he is only receiving a 28% favorable rating which is much lower than that for President Obama in a Republican District!