Republicans Blast Democrats For Oil Drilling

Just as this blog went to press we received a message from the Republican National Committee regarding the latest example of an oil rig blowing up. This communique expressed shock and dismay at President Obama’s failed leadership which has allowed oil drilling to proceed unchecked despite evidence of danger to the environment. According to the Republican press release, former Governor Sarah Palin warned over two years ago about the dangers of drilling in her famous, “don’t drill baby, don’t drill baby” statement. However, the Democratic party is committed to protecting oil interests, most of whom are centered in the Middle East. According to the Republican Party, Osama Obama is simply a stooge for the International Muslim Committee to wipe out Christianity and what better way to proceed than by poisoning all water sources used by Christians? We just received an alert from Rush Limbaugh, the voice of reason and environment protection. “It is time for decent people who want to end the Muslim plan to take over the world to stand up and demand protection of our environment.”

Thank God we have voices of speaking out to protect the environment. God bless Sarah Save the Trees Palin and all those wonderful Tea Party folk who are fighting to save America from Muslim oil barons!

I realize the Liberal Media attempts to portray environmentalists like Rush and Sarah and Glenn as against saving the Earth. They are among those leading the fight to save this planet for the wealthy–who created it in the first place.