Republicans Concerned About Afghanistan And Iran

Several c congressmen have suddenly developed an interest in wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and are demanding greater support for soldiers fighting in those areas. This is certainly a refreshing turn of events, given that Republicans never demanded anything while George Bush was president other than slavish devotion to his ideas. Now, they wonder if we need more troops in Afghanistan, and they want fresh ideas in dealing with Iran’s nuclear program. Where were the Republicans from 2001–2009 when their party controlled the executive? Why didn’t they insist in 2002, or 2004 or during any of those years that America should be training an Afghan army?

In 2001, the reform Iranian government of President Khatami offered to negotiate the end of its nuclear program, but were turned down by Bush, Cheney and other incompetents who ran our foreign policy. The tragedy of Iran is a result of REPUBLICAN MISTAKES!!

P.S. It is NOT Obama’s war, it is a Republican war!