Republicans Defend Democracy!

It increasingly is clear that American democracy is being battered by the forces of Islamist radicalism who have formed an alliance with LIBERAL DEMOCRATS! Thank God we have Republican patriots in Congress working to defend our right to kill any damn radical seeking to end the American way of death. Every Republican on the Senate Judiciary Committee voted to oppose a new law that requires anyone selling guns to be compelled to have his rights abused by being subjected to a background check. Senator Schumer knows full well that his law is designed to create a national registry as to who in America possesses a weapon. He wants to end our right-as Americans– to be able to blast to death anyone who threatens our lives.

The next step is sending FBI Cossacks bursting into our homes and seizing our beloved guns. First they came for our guns, next they will come for our daughters, and then they will come for our wives, and eventually, they will come for YOU!