Republicans Divide Over Libya

Senator John McCain is in Libya where he expressed support for rebels who are fighting against dictator Muammar Gaddafi. It increasingly becomes unclear if McCain speaks for the Republican party or for himself. Ron Paul and Tea Party folk have no interest in supporting anyone other than wealthy folk in America, Mike Huckabee has yet to express a coherent thought, Sarah and Michele are still trying to figure out exactly where this place called Libya is in the world, and Mitt is waiting for the right moment to figure out what he should say about war. McCain wants more US military support for the rebels, he wants assets frozen from Gaddafi bank accounts to be turned over to rebel forces so they can purchase weapons. The Obama administration will soon employ drones and thus we can be certain some innocent Libyans will soon die. In other words, there is no Republican policy toward dictators like Gaddafi and there is hesitation on the part of Obama towards making a major commitment.

We are living in the aftermath of wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Just as the Vietnam war led to Americans turning away from foreign military adventures, the Bush fiasco in Iraq has soured the desire to go to war. We assume that John McCain is simply a lonely Republican voice lost in the babble about where Obama was born.

Donald Trump announced he was conducting an investigation that will prove Muammar Gaddafi was NOT born in Libya.