Republicans Do Not Cry For Venezuela

Imagine a country which openly insults the American government, forces American diplomats to leave the nation, allows its police to beat and torment those in the opposition, but is more than willing to sell oil to the United States of America. Republicans would be shouting for sanctions against this nation, but as of this date not a single Republican leader wants action against Venezuela. In other words, Republicans are not upset that Venezuela openly opposes the United States while continuing to sell oil. I thought Republicans were ready to halt any oil producing nation from selling its products if it openly opposed–and insulted– American interests. Venezuela is led by Nicolas Maduro who took over from Hugo Chavez when he died. Venezuela openly expresses hate toward the United States and seeks to reduce its influence in Latin America. But, no Republican anger.

Paratroopers were just sent to western areas of Venezuela to put down opposition opponents. No Republican party anger. Students are being beaten in the streets, but no Republican anger, however when Iran did the same thing, Republicans like John McCain were ready for military action. Reality, we purchase oil from Venezuela and ignore its brutality against those who oppose the government and Republicans never utter a word of complaint.