Republicans Don’t Want Homos Anywhere!

The Republican party has strong beliefs in morality. Many Christian Americans have strong beliefs in morality. During the past few decades American missionaries in Africa have spread the  words of morality by educating Africans to hate homosexuals. Uganda has made illegal  being a homosexual and new legislation could lead performing a homosexual act to a death sentence. David Kato, an activist in the fight for gay and lesbian legal rights in Uganda, was beaten to death and many newspapers in Uganda hailed the assailant as a hero.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton stated it was the foreign policy of the United States to support gay and lesbian rights in the world. Texas Governor Rick Perry is upset and the Clinton statement.   He regards support for gay rights in the world as “a war with the  people of faith in this country.” He went on to say the president once “again has mistaken America’s tolerance of different life styles with an endorsement of those like styles. I will not make that mistake.”

The Perry statement is rather sad. So was the recent episode  with Michele Bachmann when she became angry because a small boy defended his gay mom. I find it ironic that the leading candidate of the Republican party, Newt Gingrich, has  been married three times, admits to cheating on his wives, is a lobbyist who  refuses to admit he is one, and his comments on morality would win him an Academy Award for hypocrisy.