Republicans Export Tactics To Jordan

One would have to go back to the American Congress in 1860 in order to find examples of obstruction and violence in this body which matches current Republican behavior. Congressional Republicans shout insults toward the president, refuse to cooperate in any form or semblance of compromise, and regard the “Federal Government” as the enemy, Republicans insist on state rights  using the same language as those who wanted the Confederate states of America.

A MP in Jordan must have been following Republicans in the American Congress because during a discussion, this man of government pulled out a gun and aimed it at an opponent. MP Mohammad Shawabka was incensed when his opponent claimed he was a “Mossad agent”so after throwing a shoe, the MP pulled out a gun.

Perhaps, American Republicans can learn from this incident. After all, Congressional Republicans do whatever is desired the National Rifle Association. How about a law which allows members of Congress to bring guns to the chamber of government. Don’t members of Congress enjoy the same right to bring their weapons anywhere they desire?