Republicans Fear Communism Has Won!!

Republican are up in arms and anger because the Communist majority on the Supreme Court upheld the constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act. Dark days are descending on the American people– citizens will be forced to have their  medical problems solved!!. Michele Bachmann told the world:

“We lost our religious  liberty-that’s a fundamental right under the Constitution. We lost our economic liberty–that’s a fundamental right under the Constitution.” Yes, Michele, American business ONLY has TWO TRILLION   DOLLARS IN THEIR BANK ACCOUNTS!!

A young man told the media: “To me communism has descended upon America. This allows the government to do whatever they want.”  Mike Pence, running for governor of Indiana told the media the court decision was as terrible as terrorist attacks on 9/11. Rick Santorum said: “President Obama believes he is above the law.”

Let me get this straight. The Supreme Court said the law was legal which translates into Obama being above the law. Would Obama have been “above the law” if the vote had been 5-4 the other way?