Republicans Fight Against Women, Again!

One can only wonder why the Republican party is determined to restore 17th century thinking and behavior to the lives of American women in 2012. After the House of Representatives passed a bill that allows employers to opt out of providing health insurance which includes contraceptives, the Senate rejected this idea by a 51-48 vote. Republican Senator Olympia Snow, who announced her retirement yesterday, joined Democrats in defeating this crazy idea.

Let’s assume employers did not have to violate their religious belief in providing health care insurance.

1. Seventh Day Adventists would not have to provide health insurance because doctors and hospitals violate their religious beliefs.

2. Jewish employers would insist that health insurance plans made mandatory that females would not be seen by male doctors or placed into rooms with males.

3. Catholic and fundamentalist Christians would not allow health insurance plans which provided maternity assistance to single mothers. Let them suffer for their sins.

It is 2012, how about leaving the 17th century?