Republicans Lie About ObamaCare!

Each month that goes by with more and more Americans realizing the new health care law actually benefits those who lack health insurance as well as moving the nation towards lower costs for health expenditures. Fox News never ceases to spread lies and distortions about the law. It has been ranting for weeks that most people who signed up for health care are not paying their premiums on time. Of course, the Fox News poll failed to note that some had not paid their premium because it was not yet due!

1. Fox News insisted the Obama goal of seven million joining would not be reached. Fact–EIGHT MILLION SIGNED UP.
2. The Fox News claim that few younger people would sign up is inaccurate. Fact: Nearly 30% of those who signed up were in this category which thus makes the plan economically feasible.
3. Republicans claimed health costs would rise. Health costs are declining.

According to Aetna health company– At least 80% paid their premium on time.