Republicans Lie Again!

One must admit there is a consistency to the Republican party when the issue of TRUTH arises, they just have problems using that concept. Republican Congressman Daniel Gordon(Rhode Island) was halted the past weekend for driving while intoxicated. A check of his records indicate outstanding warrants in the state of Massachusetts. Gordon told Republican House leaders he had served in the Gulf War and suffered from alcoholism due to PTSD. He also had been wounded by shrapnel while in service.

Unfortunately for Gordon, someone checked his military records. He had never been within miles of a battlefield, and he certainly had no wounds. Further investigation showed he once had been in jail for five months on an attempted murder charge and also was charged with threatening the life of a girl friend.

For years Republicans lied about the birth record of Barack Obama, they lied about his religion, they lied about Muslims in America being terrorist, they even lied about Paul Revere’s ride. Of course, their greatest lie is that cutting taxes leads to creation of new jobs!