Republicans Lose- Minnesota Wins

The Supreme Court of Minnesota finally put an end to the Republican charade in the state which has prevented a duly elected senator from taking his seat and working to address the needs of Minnesota. The court unanimously ruled Al Franken the victor after former Senator Norm Coleman devoted eight months of delay and obstruction tactics in order to prevent Democrats in the US Senate to have 60 votes. This episode highlights the decline of the Republican party and its inability to place nation over its own desires. In 2000, Al Gore graciously accepted a vote which many believed was fraudulent, because he would not compel his nation to endure months of bickering and divisiveness. He could have gone through the same process in the state of Florida that Norm Coleman forced is state to endure, but Gore is an individual who places nation before self.

The past eight years have witnessed a Republican party which refused to reach out in a gracious manner to Democrats and work in a collaborative manner during a time President Bush insisted was critical to survival. In 1941, Franklin Roosevelt asked his defeated Republican candidate, Wendell Wilkie, to serve as his envoy in many areas of the world. Not once did George Bush reach out to Al Gore and involve him in opportunities to serve the nation. Bush ran a divisive administration which even stooped to claiming a former senator who had lost both arms and legs fighting in Vietnam was soft on terrorism.

The Republican party has sold its soul for votes and used obstruction in an effort to prevent the American people from having a government which serves its needs. I assume if Norm Coleman ever ran for anything in the state of Minnesota he would be happy to obtain 10% of the vote. Now, it is time to send the same message to obstructionist Republicans in government.