Republicans Make War On Veterans!!

The Republican Party led by a Republican president caused 5,000 American soldiers to be killed and an additional 35,000 to be wounded in wars that never should have been fought. Now, that brave young American men and women risked their lives in the madness of Republicans, a leading Republican, Congresswoman Michele Bachman, darling of the Tea Party, is urged a freeze on Veteran Affairs Department health care spending and cutting the disability payments of veterans!! At a time when the number of veterans is growing since thousands are now leaving the military for personal and health reasons, this loud mouth coward is seeking to reduce their access to health care. I forgot that the Tea Party claims to represent those who believe in values established by our Founding Fathers. I guess this means George Washington would oppose providing health care to those who had fought the Revolution.

Michele Bachman is the prototype Tea Party/Republican. She lacks any knowledge of our history, she voted for wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and now wants those who were wounded in HER WARS to be denied access to health care. Oh, I forgot, she is for fiscal responsibility even thought she voted for tax cuts that increased our national debt by over $2 Trillion. This woman belongs in a mental facility, not in Congress.